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  • Curtis Leippi (Machine)
  • DL Car #4
  • Brenda (Nearly Nancy)
  • Cool Shot
  • Bob & Daniel
  • Ray, Brenda, Curtis
  • DL Car at Harefest 2015
  • Barracuda Bob
  • Daniel # 2
  • Harefest V - 2015
  • DL Car (Little Ann)
  • Ray # 2
  • Ray Roper (Black & White)
  • DL Car (Edmonton)
  • Brenda Kashmir
  • Band (Harefest)
  • Brenda & DL Car
  • Daniel # 1
  • Girls / Crowd
  • Harefest /Crowd


Barracuda hail from Vancouver, BC, Canada, the original city where Ann Wilson along with Roger Fisher and Michael Fisher  (manager & Sound) co-founded the amazing legacy of the band "Heart". Nancy Wilson with in a year joined her sister to form Rock n Rolls first powerhouse sister combo. Barracuda perform the music of Heart with style, presence and a true passion for the songs that have become beloved classics to fans worldwide. It is no wonder Heart founding member and guitar player “Roger Fisher” has endorsed them.   Roger Fisher has also joined Barracuda on stage for numerous performances, creating a truly authentic experience for Heart fans!    

With Heart's 2013 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a reinsurance of the groups undeniable list of hits has been spreading and demand for the seeing the group perform has never been higher.  Barracuda is the most accurate representation of Heart to date…delighting audiences from coast to coast with what is the essential tribute to one of the best rock bands of our time.  

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